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What is a cardiac device?

What is a cardiac device?

Cardiac devices are designed to help control or monitor irregular heartbeats in people with certain heart rhythm disorders and heart failure. There are many different conditions that can be treated using a cardiac device.


A pacemaker has two different functions. Firstly, it continuously observes the heart rhythm in order to detect abnormal rhythms (sensing). When heartbeats are too slow, the pacemaker stimulates the heart muscle by sending electrical signals which correct the slow heart rhythm (pacing). In other words, the pacemaker “senses” the heart rhythm continuously, but “paces” the heart only when needed.


An ICD is a device which can deliver therapies, being either shocks or high rate stimulations of the heart, for interrupting life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias. In addition, transvenous defibrillators have cardiac stimulation capabilities exactly the same as a pacemaker.

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